I Assume This Thing Still Works

Well it has been a very long time since I sat down to write anything. Been in kind of a long cycle of depression, anxiety and just general malaise. Writing has been the furthest thing on my mind and I think I am the worse for it. Existing not living. That is where I am right now. The weird part, for me, it is not the isolation of the Covid that is getting to me. I can deal with not going out and being at home. What really bothers me about this whole situation is the ignorant ass-hats out there that still are not wearing masks or that still listen to that addled brain moron in the White House. There are so many sick, so many dying and many that have died. A lot of this could have been prevented. The lack of leadership and the callous, calculated way that a certain amount of deaths are “acceptable” makes me sick. I cannot read the news and not get even more depressed with the things going on. I want this to end. I want people to get better. I want everyone to get out and enjoy their life. We can’t and it will be awhile before this will happen. You can’t fight a virus with politics.

Oh, that was just a small vent of what I am feeling. I really need to do a full write up and just let all of what i am feeling out. I am hoping this post will be the start of many more. This is going to be all for right now. I might write a poem or two tonight. I want to get back in the mood to do things.

Everyone stay safe! Please wear your masks and hang in there.

Published by Lefty1971

48 years old, married. I have an on again off again relationship with my blog. Still trying to figure out what I really want to do with it.

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