A Little Rant

Good evening all! It’s been awhile since I have donned the writing cap as of late. Ironic I suppose since I have more free time these days with the whole Covid-19 cluster going on. The world is in a tailspin and I am unsure of the future. I want people not to die. I want people to get better. I am lucky in that I can stay at home and not go out to work, well at least for another week anyway. At this point, I am angry, sad and just confused on how our government can put a price tag on its citizen’s health. Yes people are going to die, but we have to prevent as many deaths as possible. Your well being/healthcare should not be tied to your job. Your life does not have a monetary value. Everyone deserves treatment and everyone needs to be tested. We have been behind the eight ball throughout this whole pandemic. The Orange Goof Ball is more worried about getting re-elected and his very delicate ego than the people is is suppose to be serving. I do not understand how even this pandemic can be politicized. We are facing very tough times to come and we need to join together and not be split apart by warring idiots in Washington. The relief that is coming will help some in the short term, but know, end the end we will be paying the price for all of this. If the government does not update the tax laws and quit giving corporations all of these breaks, we are all screwed. Tax the fucking rich or eat them, at this point I really do not care.

Now that is out of my system, let me focus on all of you selfish, immature and ignorant people who are still out in groups, hoarding essential supplies and just being an asshole in general. Go home and stay home until we are given the all clear. You do not need to be out there potentially infecting the rest of us. Do us all a favor and go hang out with the anti-vaxers and the churches that think their God is going to protect them from this virus. You all can have a great party until there is only a couple of you left to turn out the lights. We are supposed to be in this life for the long haul, but it seems like about half of you are ready to cross the river Styx and you know what I say? Godspeed to you. There is a difference in having to go out to get necessary supplies and just gathering in groups like everything is normal. Fuck you. Hopefully you will grow some sense and realize that it’s not all about you, but I really doubt it.

Ugh. Sorry. This stuff has been swirling around and I needed to get it typed out. I know it’s angry and rambling, but right now that is exactly how I feel.

Everyone, good luck out there. Please stay safe, use common sense and try your best to help out people when and if you can. Even online support would be appreciated. We are all in this together. Let people know you understand and you empathize with them. This boat we are in isn’t sinking yet, but the water is rising and there are storm cloud ahead. Try your best not to be a dick.I totally understand this self isolation is tough if your not an introvert like myself, but try not to snap at people. Times are tough, but I honestly believe they will get better, but there is no timetable for that. Remember no one person can give you that timeline. Keep getting all the most accurate information you can. to those of you that have lost loved ones due to this horrible virus, I honestly want to give you my love and sympathy. I know no words can console anyone right now, but know that there are people that care for you and your families.

Stay safe eveyone!

Published by Lefty1971

48 years old, married. I have an on again off again relationship with my blog. Still trying to figure out what I really want to do with it.

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