Bonus Post! A few more Poems

Good evening again all! I really didn’t want to leave just yet, so I decided to post a few more poems. Please let me know what you think. Please tweet me @mlctaskforce or write me at I would love to know what you think.

A lot of my poetry was about longing. The idea of the perfect love, fairytale love, timeless love. When I was younger, I was heavily influenced by the music I listened to. Van Morrison and Stevie Nicks were huge influencers in my writing. I really wanted to be a poet. I just didn’t know if it was any good, so I only shared it with special friends. The poem below is an example of that longing.

Remember when soft breezes blew
And it was just me and you
Running down that rainy avenue,
Looking for somewhere to hide…

Remember when we were so young
Our lives had barely begun,
Listening for songs that had never been sung,
And we were at peace with the One.

I remember the feel of your arms around me,
The comfort and peace it brought me.
I remember the days of wine and roses,
Autumn nights and secret proposes.

Remember when we stayed up all night
Shivering while we waited for dawn’s grey light.
Hoping and wishing that it just might,
Feel this way forever.

Remember how those midnight flames burned
While we tumbled together we learned.
And oh how our hearts yearned
To make this love feel real.

I remember the feel of skin against skin,
The electricity that flowed had no end.
I wish it was that way again,
Cause I need it in my life.

As you can tell, I was hopeless when I was younger. A romantic in a less than romantic age of the 90’s. To have seen me then and now, you would not know that I would write complete sentences, let alone poetry. It was there and I guess it is still there, but it is slow to find the light of day right now. The poem below reminds me of the young couple I saw get married this weekend. (See my previous post).

Love’s light is leading me forward,
Moving toward something all new.
I can’t believe the way my life was before.
So empty and lost…all without you.

Been too many nights sitting all alone,
Too many tears shed in vain.
But now those days seemed to have vanished,
Only days of hope and joy remain…

How can you love a man like me?
What do I have to give to you?
A woman like you is a precious thing,
A rare gem, one of the chosen few…

Your love is present from dusk ’til dawn,
Leaving me breathless and full of wonder.
I have never met a woman like you,
So many wild and beautiful things to discover…

I want to hold you and make it all right,
Soothe your troubles and ease your worried mind.
Weep not again and let your spirit soar,
Know that you are the best love a man can ever find.

You give me hope and promise of something fine,
A woman who know who she is, body and soul.
Can’t imagine my life without you, don’t want to try.
Just want to make love to you and lose control…

Stand beside me as the evening draws nearer,
Hold onto my hand and walk by the sea.

Let me tell you of all of your wonders,
Of all you mean to me…

Well that is all for tonight. I am going to wind down and gear down for Monday morning. Everyone take care!!!!

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