July 5th

Hello all. Just wanted to write down some thoughts I am having this morning. I’m sitting here at work trying hard not to be whiny because I have to be here today.

My 4th passed by uneventful. I slept a lot of the day, which was great. I didn’t watch any of Trump’s Ego parade and overall I had a nice day off.

Reading the news this morning as any other morning, fills me with anger and frustration over where this country is going. The goose steps towards the far right this country is taking is amazing to me. Hatred for minorities is rampant, concentration camps, stripping down of environmental protections, corporate welfare and so many more openly anti-democratic statements by this government, my head spins at what else can happen.

A lot of people blame Trump for this. Now do not get me wrong, he is everything I hate in a person. He is a misogynist, bigoted and an ignorant asshole however, he is just the end result of years of manipulation by Republicans to take the highly ignorant voting base they have and mold them into this mass of people who hate anything progressive and intellectual. Trump is only one of the symptoms of the disease. Republicans understand the fear and ignorance of the poor, white voter and they also have a great power base with the rich. Combine those two theoretically opposing groups and you can see how the Republicans have become stronger over the years.

It’s always amazing to me how Republicans can take ideas like climate change, immigration, tax cuts and military spending and justify any means to their end. Outright denial of climate change even after almost every scientist on the planet agrees it’s an issue that needs to be addressed soon. Putting families in cages, lying that there are hordes of people marching to get into the USA. Justifying racism under the guise of safety for our country. I also see that trickle down theory is still in place even after corporations have proven they will either sit on their cash or just buy back stocks with the tax cuts given them instead of expanding and creating good jobs. Lastly the military spending this country does is insane. We are in a constant state of war. There’s money to be made on the backs of our soldiers. The real spending for the military should be in the form of better medical services and transition services for soldiers after they come back into the civilian world.

One very important thing I didn’t mention above and I should have (my apologies) is the reproductive rights of women. Republicans have a tendency to think they know what is best for women. Trying to cut off access to much needed help as birth control, Planned Parenthood centers and other educational items speak to their ignorance about women and people. The pro-life obsessed wing nuts lead to such laws as in Alabama where almost all abortions are banned. They want the babies born, but don’t give a shit about what happens to them afterwards. Once again this goes back to education. Teenagers need to be educated about reproduction and be given access to free birth control. Please forgive my crudeness, but teenagers are going to fuck. They are curious about sexuality and sex. Why not educate them and give them the ability to get contraception. You cannot put your head in the sand and pretend that teenagers will abstain from sex until marriage. This is not going to happen. Actually this has never happened. Old people like to pretend they were all chaste and pure but they did the same thing teens do now. The holier than thou attitude needs to stop.

Well I guess that’s enough of the soapbox today. There is so much more I could have written and I will at a later date.

Take care all!!

Published by Lefty1971

48 years old, married. I have an on again off again relationship with my blog. Still trying to figure out what I really want to do with it.

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